Joakim Silvandersson and Jamie White are explorers, serial collaborators and bon-vivants. They bring to Kåseholm a shared belief in the power of creative thinking, honed through years living and working internationally in the fields of hospitality and consulting, and through their work as Silverwhite Collective, an international multidisciplinary design studio.

Most recently, Joakim and Jamie launched Solliden, a 60 acre eco-resort in Northern California wine-country. Situated on the edge of the world's largest geothermal field, Solliden offers views of the famous geysers, whose vents release steam high into the atmosphere. Among native California oaks, Madrones and Manzanita, are vintage Airstreams, safari tents, giant tipis and pavilions, each providing luxurious, eccentric and fun takes on what it is to "go camping". Solliden continues to host extraordinary celebrations for a diverse set of clients, from Venture Capitalists and Silicon Valley start-ups to award-winning California chefs and cutting-edge artists from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Joakim and Jamie hope to imbue Kåseholm with the same creative energy and commitment to the local environment and community.

Photo: Bart Van Leuven for Atelier Vierkant