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Daniel Berlin, recently awarded his second Michelin Star, continues to evolve as he develops a new immersive dining experience at Kåseholm, only ten minutes away from the restaurant that bears his name and continues to invigorate the culinary world. 

"This is a new an exciting chapter for us. We are inspired by our surroundings, and our observations shape the way we express ourselves. Our collaboration with Kåseholm was established to create a new context, an intimate and immersive environment where guests can relax and explore, meet one another and share experiences around the table."

Groups of six to twelve people can explore the Castle's exquisite rooms, gardens and assortment of native animals, and then gather at the long table for an intimate dinner. As part of this experience, guests will enjoy overnight accommodation in six beautifully appointed bedrooms, each with private bathrooms. The following morning, breakfast will be served in the castle, or weather permitting, under the historic Chestnut tree, the largest and oldest in the Nordics. Guests may also choose to extend their stay for another evening at Kåseholm and dine at Daniel Berlin Krog.

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Accommodating larger groups, conferences and special celebrations, Berlin offers a new dining context within the spacious Black Gallery Barn at Kåseholm's historic Courtyard.  Showcasing a rotating selection of art and design from around the world, the Gallery can accommodate up to 180 guests. Berlin has crafted a variety of exceptional, seasonal menus and selected wine pairings, each embracing and exploring the best locally available ingredients.

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